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Clic and move the brush to follow the tutorial.

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This tutorial was written with CorelX12 and translated with CorelX13, but it can also be made using other versions of PSP.
Since version PSP X4, Image>Mirror was replaced with Image>Flip Horizontal,
and Image>Flip with Image>Flip Vertical, there are some variables.
In versions X5 and X6, the functions have been improved by making available the Objects menu.
In the latest version X7 command Image>Mirror and Image>Flip returned, but with new differences.
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Your versions

Tubes of yours
The rest of the material (the Canal-alpha file) here
I used a landscape by Thafs. The tube of Celine is mine.
(The links of the tubemakers here).

consult, if necessary, my filter section here
Filters Unlimited 2.0 here
Mehdi - Wavy Lab 1.1 here
Alien Skin Snap Art - Impasto here
Mura's Meister - Perspective Tiling here

You can change Blend Modes according to your colors.

Copy the preset in the folder of the plugins Alien Skin Eye Candy 5.
One or two clic on the file (it depends by your settings), automatically the preset will be copied in the right folder.
why one or two clic see here

Copy the mask in the Masks Folder.

Set your foreground color to #977e43,
and your background color to #e3dcbe.

1. Open Alpha_CÚline.
Duplicate the image (on the keyboard shift+D) and close the original.
The copy, that will be the basis of your work, is not empty,
but it contains one selection saved on the alpha channel.

Rename the layer Raster 1.

2. Effects>Plugins>Mehdi - Wavy Lab 1.1.
This filter creates gradients with the colors of your Materials palette.
The first is your background color, the second is your foreground color.
Change the last two colors created by the filter both with color white

Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur - radius 40.

3. Layers>Duplicate.

Effects>Plugins>Alien Skin Snap Art - Impasto
select the preset CÚline Impasto Lulu and ok.

Adjust>One Step Photo Fix.

4. Effects>Plugins>Mura's Meister - Perspective Tiling.

Effects>Edge Effects>Dilate.

5. Open the tube rideau - erase the watermark and go to Edit>Copy.
Go back to your work and go to Edit>Paste as new layer.

Image>Resize, to 80%, resize all layers not checked.


Effects>Image Effects>Offset.

6. Layers>New Raster Layer.

Selections>Load/Save Selection>Load Selection from alpha Channel.
Open the Selections menu and load the selection Alpha_celine #1.

Open the image Bora Bora and go to Edit>Copy.
Go back to your work and go to Edit>Paste into Selection.

Layers>Arrange>Move Down - 2 times.
Change the Blend Mode of this layer to Luminance Legacy.
Selections>Select None.

7. Open the image Titanic.

Layers>Load/Save Mask>Load Mask from Disk.
Look for and load the mask 20-20.

Layers>Merge>Merge Group.

Go back to your work and go to Edit>Paste as new layer.

Image>Resize, 80%, resize all layers not checked.

Reduce the opacity of this layer to 75%.
Adjust>One Step Photo Fix.

Layers>Merge>Merge All.

8. Open the tube CÚlin Dion and go to Edit>Copy.
Go back to your work and go to Edit>Paste as new layer.

Image>Resize, 70%, resize all layers not checked.
Move the tube to the left side.
Adjust>One Step Photo Fix.

Image>Add borders, 2 pixels, symmetric, dark color.

9. Selections>Select All.
Image>Add borders, 50 pixels, symmetric, color white.

Selections>Promote selection to layer.

Effects>Plugins>Mehdi - Wavy Lab 1.1., same settings.

Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur - radius 40.

Selections>Select None.

10. Effects>Plugins>Alien Skin Snap Art - Impasto, same settings.

Effects>Edge Effects>Enhance More.

Layers>Merge>Merge All.

Image>Add borders, 2 pixels, symmetric, dark color.

11. Image>Resize, 900 pixels width, resize all layers checked.

Adjust>Sharpness>Unsharp Mask.

Sign your work and save as jpg.

Version with tubes by Irene; the tube of Celine is mine.


Your versions



If you have problems or doubts, or you find a not worked link, write to me.

25 September 2019

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