Inspiration of gold
Feel the power
1.Inspiration of gold
2.Diamonds are imperishable
4.Feel the power
Heart of the city
A touch of feeling
Don't hate me...
Memory of Michael
5.Heart of the city
6.A touch of feeling
7.Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
8.Memory of Michael
Dark night
Be sexy...
Blood Red Night
9.A tear in the dark night
10.Be sexy...
12.Blood red night
Woman's World
Life is nothing
God bless America
13.Woman's World
14.Life is nothing
15.God bless America
My heart will lead me to you
Flowers for you
Forever in your eyes
Fairy tales
17.My heart will lead me to you
18.Flowers for you
19.Forever in your eyes
20.Fairy tales
Of all my days
Black and white
Good bye Patrick
21.Of all my days...
22.Black and white
24.Good bye Patrick
See the world
Body and Soul
It is time...
25.See the world in your eyes
26.Body and soul
27.It is time to say goodbye
Dancing Queen
Lady Gaga
Magic Moments
Goddess of love
29.Dancing Queen
30.Lady Gaga
31.Magic Moments
32.Goddess of love
Time and time
It's showtime
Express yourself
33.Time and time again
34.It's showtime
35.Express Yourself sexy girls
You seek you
Power girls
Haute Couture
Beauty so pure
37.You seek you
38.Power girls
39.Haute Couture
40.Beauty so pure like a flower
Blink of an eye
Something perfect face
Look into my world
Beauty girls
41.Blink of an eye
42.Something perfect face
43.Look into my world
44.Beauty girls
Be sexy
Deal with the devil
You and me
Earth laughs
45.Be sexy...
46.Deal with the devil
47.You and me
48.Earth laughs in the flowers
Wild Cats
To hide behind..
Mirror of soul
Sex and the city
49.Wild Cats
50.To hide behind a false mask
51.Mirror of the soul
52.Sex and the city
Lady Raven
From my heart
Walk on the beach
Lady Gaga
53.Lady Raven
54.From my heart
55.Walk on the beach
56.Lady Gaga
It's a way of life
My insanity
Beginning of a friendship
I just love
57.It's a way of life
58.My insanity
59.Beginning of a friendship
60.I just love