Fantasia country
Paradise of fantasy
Caught in the darkness
Happy Haunting
1.Fantasia country
2.Paradise of Fantasy
3.Caught in the darkness
4.Happy Haunting
Dark Fight
Ghosts Beware
Darkness surround me
5.Dark Fight
6.Ghosts Beware
8.Dark surround me
Happy Haunted
Have a happy Halloween
Memories trapped in time
Like a shadow in the dark
9.Happy Haunted
10.Have a happy halloween
11.Memories trapped
12.Like a shadow in the dark
You give me a chill
Queen of the darks
14.You give me the chills
16.Queen of the darks
The beast
World gets brighter
Real of fantasy
Darkness is my life
17.The Beast
18.The world gets brighter
19.Realm of fantasy
20.Darkness is my life
Demons of the mind
Love conquers all
A hell...
Love is love
21.Demons of the mind
22.Love conquers all
23.A hell is breaking loose
24.Love is love
Fantasy World
Once there was a war
The eye of the tigers
Power of darkness
25.Fantasy World
26.Once there was a war
27.The eye of the tigers
28.Power of darkness
Magic mirror gate
Spook Takular
One there was a war
In the dark nights
29.Magic mirror gate
30.Spook Takular
31.Once there was a war
32.In the dark nights
Dark Skies
Spirits Within
Missing you
Mystik Eyes
33.Dark skies
34.Spirits Within
35.Missing you
36.Mystik Eyes
World of Fantasy
Road to hell
Shake Hands
Black Angel
37.World of fantasy
38.Road to hell
39.Shake hands for ever
40.Black Angel
Realm of darkness
Creature of dark night
Sad Angel
Spooky style
41.Realm of darkness
42.Creature of dark night
43.Sad Angel
44.Spooky style
Romantic Side
Sun of the night
45.Romantic Side
47.Sun of the night